What Leads To The Denial Of A Personal Accident Claim For Motorcycles Exceeding 150cc?


A motorcycle serves as an essential means of transportation for many as it offers convenience and speed in commuting. While this is such a good source of traveling to nearby places, certain risks are involved—the safety of driving lies in the hands of the driver and other external factors.

One can protect their bike with the help of motorcycle insurance to the extent of financial loss caused. Different insurance providers outlay their coverage for motor insurance with their inclusions and exclusions. In some instances, insurance companies have denied a personal accident claim for motorcycles above 150cc.

Let us learn about accident claims in two–wheeler insurance and know the factors that lead to this denial in this article.

 What is a Bike Accident Insurance Claim in Motorcycle Insurance?

An accident claim is coverage often provided under comprehensive bike insurance by the insurance company and is helpful in recovering from a loss caused by an accident. The bike insurance online/offline contract states that whenever there’s a collision, road slip, imbalance, etc., the insurance company will recover the damages to the bike.

It serves as a protective cover provided by insurance companies for accident events. Understanding the terms and nuances of bike accident insurance claims while purchasing insurance is essential to ensure that you receive the necessary financial help during tough times.

 Difference Between Normal Bike and 150cc Bike

We need to determine the differences between a regular bike and a 150cc bike before delving into reasons behind potential claim rejection for the formal one. The engine capacity in vehicles is in cubic centimeters (cc).

A standard bike has 100cc to 125cc capacity, whereas the 150cc bike has a larger engine capacity and is more efficient. It leads to increased performance and power. This difference is significant in insurance as it influences coverage needs and considerations.

 Reasons Why Your 150cc Bike Insurance Claim Can Get Rejected

The following are the causes that can lead to the denial of personal accident claims for motorcycles with above 150cc engine capacity:

 Policy Exclusion

Every insurance has some exclusions. These exclusions include situations and conditions not covered under the policy. For example, your insurance plan excludes damages due to wear and tear, mechanical failures, electrical breakdowns, or riding under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If your claims include any of these exclusions, they will be rejected.

 Insurance Provider Following Old Rule

Your insurance provider may adhere to outdated rules that no longer align with current market standards and differ from the regulatory environment.

If you file a claim based on newer guidelines that have not been updated, your claim might not be accepted due to any discrepancy. For this, purchase insurance with amended rules and features, for example, an online two-wheeler policy from insurers like Tata AIG.

 Non-Compliance of Safety Measures

Often, Insurers expect their policyholders to take necessary safety measures like wearing a helmet while driving, having a valid driving license, and following traffic rules. If an accident occurs while you are not following these safety measures, your insurer may deny settlement of your claim.

Some insurance companies warn you to keep your bike in a specific condition and get it serviced timely to prevent any loss or damage caused. One needs to comply with these measures to get reimbursement from bike insurance companies for any loss caused by it.

 Policy Lapse

Every bike insurance policy has a validity period, after which they have to be renewed. If your insurance policy has lapsed, meaning the renewal date has already gone, and you have not renewed it, any claim made during this period will be rejected as the policy is no longer in force.

It is constantly prescribed to check on and renew your offline or online two-wheeler policy promptly to avoid any denial of an insurance claim.

 Use for Other Activities

Motorcycles used for other activities like sports, racing, etc., are not covered under some insurance claims. Most two-wheeler insurance companies provide coverage only when any loss or damage is caused due to accidents while driving.

Insurance documents have this mentioned in their clauses or terms and conditions. While buying offline or online bike insurance, one should thoroughly go through these pre-conveyed agreements.

 Claims of Pre Existing Damages

Pre-existing damage refers to any damage or wear and tear that your motorbike already had before you purchased or renewed your insurance policy. In this scenario, the insurance may reject your claim that existed before the current policy period.


It is essential to understand the complexities of motorcycle insurance claims for bikes exceeding 150cc, particularly if you plan to purchase such a motorcycle. Understanding what constitutes bike insurance insurance coverage will always reduce the possibility of rejecting insurance claims for your two-wheeler.

Securing financial assistance is of utmost need during uncertainties like accidents. Staying vigilant about policy exclusions and upgrading or renewing the existing policies will help you take the best out of the insurance claim.

Randy Peter

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