Content generation with the neural networks


Beautiful product photos for social networks, uncensored pictures, virtual photo studio with fashion models, clips, video advertising, ai nude generatoк, restoration of old photos, retouching of new ones, animated drawing of a child. What else have artificial intelligence tools learned to do with photos and videos? Let’s find it out in the post below. 

The application spheres of neural systems 

Neural networks are called “artificial intelligence” (AI), but in fact, there is no intelligence – the neural network is not aware of anything and only executes commands. The most popular applications of such networks in recent years are the following:

  • content generation;
  • processing data from cameras;
  • biometrics and facial recognition.

Neural networks are also used in economics, marketing, and medicine for data analysis and forecasts. In the case of image generation, the result can be unexpected and even frightening. Remember: the more accurately you enter the command, the better the image you will get.

AI naked photo generator 

AI models are getting bigger and faster. Millions of times more operations are performed today to train artificial intelligence models than 10 years ago. With great power comes great responsibility: sometimes, people use new, more powerful AI systems for dubious purposes. For example, they create deep fakes of famous personalities; for instance, margot robbie nudes, absolutely for free.

Nudify is a popular free service that creates high-quality images according to the description for every taste, but for this, you need to read the instructions and practice a little. This technology uses a neural network model to create fake images, videos, and audio files that are, in fact, indistinguishable from the real thing. This achievement is based on the use of advanced generative adversarial network algorithms, which work based on the interaction of two models.

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